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Which One Is Pink?

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The sky was crystal clear for the full Pink Moon this evening. Listening to a favorite Pink Floyd playlist as it rose, memories of events decades past stirred and surfaced.

This month in 1988 I was finally able to see Pink Floyd perform at Texas Stadium during their "A Momentary Lapse of Reason " tour. Living just across the street from the stadium at the time, I bought an extra ticket for my younger brother and we strolled at a leisurely pace from the apartment to our seats on that beautiful, cool spring evening. Both of us were avid fans and our anticipation was intense. We weren't disappointed.

It was an excellent concert exceeding all expectations. I wanted to see them again six years later during "The Division Bell " tour but had to settle for listening to that album (and all of the others) during weekend excursions to and from the coast where I spent daylight hours surf kayaking until I was exhausted and evenings dining on seafood at favorite restaurants as I planned escape from the grim hell of my first marriage.

Two decades after seeing Pink Floyd live, I was finally a free man again and journeyed to the northwest coast to kayak amongst orca, happily listening to Pink Floyd along the way as I planned my escape from the hard gray edge of downtown Dallas north and west to the beauty of the Front Range in Colorado. Two years later, that escape finally happened and I spent every free moment of time at the beginning of the 21st century roaming the Rocky Mountains while listening to Pink Floyd.

So glad the sky was cloudless for moonrise this evening. No rudely growling jets or contrails marred it either. Sitting on the roof of the house to watch it climb into the eastern sky, its cool soothing glow lifted dreams from my mind and spilled them out across the meadow below. I listened to the stream rushing full and fast from snowmelt at the edge of the meadow in front of me and wild turkey lightly gobbling from their nighttime forest roosts behind me between strains of Pink Floyd pouring from the stereo.

A superb evening.

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