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~ A True 250 Word Story ~

Stretched out on the living room floor near the fire, Paddy and Quinn snored softly as I made a cup of tea.

Switching on the big screen, searching up an online documentary I had recently read of about the study of the songs of humpback whales and easily finding it, I settled back to watch. The dogs continued sawing logs. Quinn's front paws twitched as he chased something in a dream.

Five minutes into the documentary, the first mesmerizing strains of tape recorded whale song were played back by a researcher. The dogs both leapt to their feet, ran to the big screen with ears as erect as they could hold them and cocked their heads clockwise and counterclockwise several times as the whale song played on.

A chill raced up my spine.

The researcher stopped playback of the whale song and began talking about its structure and duration. The dogs turned their attention to me with a look I can only describe as pleading. They wanted to hear more and knew I had the power to make such things happen on the big screen, having seen me do it before. So I grabbed the controller and pressed the reverse button, waited ten seconds then hit the play button.

The dogs kept looking at me as the narrator went blah blah blah then jerked attention back to the big screen when whale song again drifted out of its speakers.

We did this a dozen times. They both freaking loved it.

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