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The Mobile Tech Support Gig

When Apple released OS X Lion and iOS 5, I jumped at the chance to land a gig providing mobile device tech support so I could get my hands on an iMac, iPad 2 and iPod Touch to learn all I could about the those devices and their operating systems. It was an interesting experience and for the most part as fun as it was educational. Providing support for all kinds of Apple mobile device users around the world, the only downside was providing corresponding support for iTunes (which has always sucked) running on the MS Windows platform (which has always sucked to an even greater degree).

I was damn good at it, providing heightened levels of tech support for Apple mobile device users and the poor souls still trying to use iTunes on their horrible MS Windows systems too. After working the gig for a year, I had learned enough to know I would not be wasting money buying an iMac, iPad 2 and iPod Touch to use in my little creative services business, made the purchases, twisted off and went back to working full time leveraging my new equipment to levels I never could so easily achieve on MS Windows junk.

The iMac, iPad 2 and iPod Touch are still working to this day and still very useful, almost seven years after purchasing them. The crappy MS Windows systems were all useless within the 2nd or 3rd year after purchase.

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