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Superb Soloing

This monocline in Utah called Comb Ridge is an incredible sight from any angle. But to get a real sense of its awesomeness requires hoofing up to it, and even better, up onto it. Most people I've ever known don't like to get out and do much hiking. They just don't see much point in it.

Looking south along the crest of Comb Ridge

So over the decades, solo hiking has been a frequent delight for me. Moving along at my own pace without having to listen to yammerings of others hiking along too is preferable now. Also, having to deal with the stress of hiking companions doing something stupid and being injured is never a worry.

Looking north along the crest of Comb Ridge

If I do something stupid and die out there somewhere, so be it. I deserve whatever I get for any misstep resulting in injury or death. Also, it's a rush to be the only person somewhere seeing amazing stuff no one else is seeing at the same moment.

Comb Ridge form the west at sunset

So far, so good.

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