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Emerging From Shit

Too many times throughout my adult life, I've foolishly allowed myself to be sucked into other people's shit. Aside from blood relatives and a very small number of friends I rarely see, practically every other acquaintance has attempted to suck me into some sort of shit they are mired in, expecting me to dive right into it with them. Two vampiric ex-wives succeeded to regretful extent. And each time I have been sucked into someone's shit, the only good thing about the experience has been eventual emergence from the shit quagmire.

Fortunately, I've managed to extract myself from such misadventures relatively unscathed and fully aware of how and why I so incautiously allowed myself to get sucked into their shit, making reflection on the experiences easier to bear. Having been surrounded throughout my years of youth by loving family and small number of superb friends never attempting to suck me into their shit, I grew up and entered adulthood far too trusting, expecting the same behavior from others beyond the trustworthy few in my life. Terrible assumption on my part.

Now I move through the days approaching each involvement with others on full alert, expecting them to try to suck me into their shit. Almost invariably, that turns out to be the case. It's a shame there are so many shit sucks in the world to constantly stay on guard against. And as much as I regret falling for their stinking ploys, valuable wisdom has been gained upon emerging from shit.

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