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A Trace Of Fur

Unusual noise outside this morning before sunrise. Opened the bedroom window and shouted in my best crazy old hermit's voice that if whoever was out there didn't leave immediately I would start shooting. Silence was the only response. So I closed the window and dozed back off for another hour.

Checking the area the noise seemed to come from, I found a pinch of rabbit fur and a small trench in the dirt where the rabbit had apparently scraped the ground with a foot. No other sign of struggle and no blood.

The rabbit has been hanging around close to the house for about a year now and had grown accustomed to my non-threatening presence. Being a crazy old hermit, I spoke to it each time it was out in the open when I went outside. I had grown fond of seeing it survive a pretty hard winter as it fattened up somehow anyway.

A bobcat has been prowling around the house for a couple of years. I imagine it finally snagged the rabbit and hauled it off somewhere private to chow down. I hope not, though. I'm rooting for the friendly rabbit.

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