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JC Summars
Dec 17, 2018
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Get the large propane tank relocated and piped into the building from its new location up slope, finish building fence around house and surrounding meadow, install 20' x 3' culvert in creek crossing for access to new road up south slope. Install either a hand pump or a solar-powered water well pumping system in the first well for redundancy in water supply. Get the Kohler generator repaired or replaced for autostart/stop operation (the two Champion dual-fuel generators I purchased in 2016/2017 should last in the meantime). Finish wiring this building in preparation for upgrading the solar power system to a larger 5kw/48volt system to be installed in about four to five years. While saving for the new power system: complete all plumbing, installing more insulation and windows, finish out walls and ceiling, add inside doors for more privacy, install flooring and upgrade refrigerator and freezer to more efficient DC powered models. Add composite decking outside for lounging around on and possibly build a large garage to park our vehicles in out of the weather. Build a greenhouse to grow fresh vegetables in. Build a second house here for me to retire to, leaving this building finished and ready for family members to use without having to tolerate me scooting about in it as I grow into old age. I’m leaning toward building a small cottage built from the abundant supply of native stone and timber we have here. And if I have the money by the time all projects above are finished: I hope to buy a Blackfly PAV (if they actually do ever go on sale) and fly it around out here until I either crash to my death (a better end for me than crashing to my death on some damned street, highway or freeway) or I get too old to fly it any longer. Spend the rest of my time wandering around the property and adjoining 1.5 million acres of national forest and wilderness lands until I konk out for good. All suggestions are welcome!
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JC Summars

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