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World of Heartcraft

When I started playing World of Warcraft in 2009 it was immediately obvious to me that this game would be perfect for children and adults living with mobility limitations for whatever reason. As the years rolled by and I met and played with different people in the game, that notion only grew stronger and I decided that if I am ever disabled by injury or illness to such extent that I am unable to get around easily (or not at all) but still have mental ability and hand-eye dexterity enough to log in and manipulate my WoW character enough to be part of that gaming world then I would do just that.

A few World of Warcraft guildies partying at my garrison.
A few World of Warcraft guildies partying at my garrison.

I've only been in a couple of World of Warcraft guilds I cared much about. One Horde guild and one Alliance guild. The screenshot above is a party Alliance guildies came to when I finally got my garrison built and had some time to get to know them more. All very nice, very helpful players. And even though I rarely play now, they keep me in the guild for the day I might return for more adventure and mayhem as a toon named Smux.

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