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In reporting my losses in the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Fire, FEMA is treating me as though I am a damned liar intent on fraudulently claiming loss of raw creative artworks assets as a portion of my compensation offering. This is part of PROOF #1 that I am not lying and that loss of these raw assets will negatively impact my ability to earn future income.

This test video was retrieved from temporary storage where it was saved in September 2017.

I showed it to a client sometime during that month and eventually included it as an informative video offering on their web site. They thanked me for it and paid me nicely for creating and publishing it. It includes an audio track of me playing an original composition on guitar.

So enough of the insulting presumptions, FEMA. I am not the criminal in this obscene catastrophe. I am an injured victim wanting to be made whole again, and very rightfully so.

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