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Waiting For Rain

This spring is a dry one. It sprinkled a little this morning before dawn stirring fragrant aerosols which in turn stirred deep memories of rains long ago falling on too dry land across continents. More rain may come this afternoon. Aspen clusters are greening up okay but not a lot of flowers have sprouted. When it does finally rain again the meadow flowers will sprout then quickly spread blossoms thick and colorful. They're just waiting for more rain. As I am.

Downslope impatient people are mingling again too soon for this Memorial Day, spreading the contagion already rapidly sweeping the planet. They will make it worse. Life will only get harder for them and some of the victims they spread the virus to may sicken and die. Where rain is falling this weekend hundreds of miles to the southeast, cantaloup-sized hailstones have dropped from powerful storm cells. No lives reported lost from those storms, so far.

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