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Tin Frog Tune

When I was eight years old, good friends came to visit us and when they arrived their toddler daughter was carrying a musical tin toy frog.

As soon as she cranked it up and the first notes of the lilting tune leapt into the air I was intrigued. It was in a minor key and I wish I knew its title because I would like to hear it again. Before our friends left to go home that day I asked if I could borrow the tin frog for a while so I could try to learn to play the tune it played on guitar.

The grown ups all looked at me like I was loony, then at one another and then asked Terri Jane if it was okay with her. She said "Sure!" with a cherubic smile and I spent several days learning to play the tin frog tune.

Now I want to hear it again, to play it on guitar again, but it's an old memory long gone now.

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