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This Urge To Play

Extended play. A highly effective deep-learning method and, in my judgment, the most effective avenue to inspired creativity. It can't be forced. It just happens. And when it does, immersion is so complete that a person at play isn't aware deep learning or inspired creativity are even occurring. Only after such extended play sessions come to a conclusion may it become apparent knowledge has dramatically expanded, that something significant has been created out of pure, playful passion.

Personal productivity skyrockets. Happiness abounds.

As a kid, I hated hearing some adult announce playtime was over, intuitively sensing the utter stupidity of such a statement–particularly when spouted by some "teacher". Playtime should never end, even–especially–in times of difficulty and strife. When I finally understood this and found ways to extend play at every opportunity regardless of when some asshole demanded otherwise, each fleeting moment of life became a joyous experience. If everyone is playing productively no one will be inclined to want to stop to do anything else.

I can hear assholes of the world yelping in protest. "Stop playing! We have work to do!" or "No time for play now! We're going to war!"

Yeah, no. There's too much I love doing, producing only from passions. I have no time to waste on such fruitlessness.

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