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The Still

My grandfather was an ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) man, patrolling the southwestern corner of Oklahoma to make sure liquor store and nightclub owners in the area adhered to state liquor sales and serving laws. He used to take me with him on patrol, making the rounds to stores, clubs and remote places across countryside as well searching for illicit still operators. We never found anyone violating laws while I was riding with him and I wondered what it would be like to watch him make a bust.

I wish he was still alive to see my sparkling, spanking new little stainless steel distilling unit.

This little beauty won't be distilling any spirits. That would be totally illegal without a license per state statute 60-6A-6.1. I despise having to get a license to do anything so it will only be used during winter months sitting on wood burning stovetop steadily distilling enough water to keep the deep cycle battery bank nourished with mineral-free water throughout the year.

Beats driving into coronavirus-infested town and spending a dollar per gallon buying the stuff from retailers.

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