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The Family

This old photograph is titled simply "The Family". I never met any of these family members from my mother's side. I've only heard stories from her about them. It's fun to imagine their lives unfolding along different paths so long ago. And I like to think Malcomb hated wearing that suit, but it may have been all the rage back then. I know I wouldn't have liked wearing it.

Back row: Walter, Mollie, Jack and Bert.

Front row: Will, Bob, Sam and Malcomb.

The photo stirs odd feelings. They lived through good and hard times. Some really hard, making my hard times seem inconsequential–even now in this struggle to rebuild after being burned out of house and home by my own government. I wonder what our government did to these family members to make life more difficult for them during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Here in the 21st century it seems incompetence is still a key element of its operations.

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