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Thanks, Brother!

While my youngest brother was visiting I Tom Sawyered him into helping me gather a little extra firewood for "fun and fitness", just in case this spring was a slow crawl out of winter. I'm glad I did because this morning's temp is 23 Fº and it's snowing again.

While we were splitting wood of a tree knocked down by the Bomb Cyclone Blizzard that roared through here about a month ago, signs of Mountain Pine Beetle infestation inside the wood provided clues as to why the old tree we harvested had died.

We managed to split about a week's worth of firewood. I thought it might not all be used before warm spring weather settled in. I'm glad there's still plenty left over for this snow storm, sitting cozy and warm beside a fire built from our little harvest, sipping at a hot coffee.

Thanks for the help, brother!

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