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Sweeping Without Slipping

Living off grid now for just over fifteen years has been a trip in more ways than I can describe. I nearly tripped and fell off the power shed this morning while sweeping snow off of the PV panels. It probably wouldn't have hurt much, as deep as the snow is. And even though there's no one else around to see me do such a thing, it would still have scared the hell out of me and dented my pride some. Falling in solitude is never a good thing to do.

This first solar power system has been homegrown in stages since 2004 and choosing to mount the PV panels flat may not have been the best solution but it has been the most cost effective. Performance hasn't been negatively impacted much considering the shape of the slopes of this canyon but it does require work early snowy mornings to prepare them for soaking up rays.

This final phase of upgrades to this little system will last another decade at which time a much more substantial and much better designed system will replace it. Then I'll just have to reach up from the ground to sweep away snow without having to ascend any ladders.

In the meantime, the view from the power shed rooftop is a nice sight early in the morning.

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