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Not the stupid TV show. Real survivors: 3-year-old Casey Hathaway, 8-year-old Lela and 5-year-old Caroline Carrico, and 35-year-old Amanda Eller. Reality at its best.

Casey's account of a bear keeping him company while he was lost brings joy and a smile, true or not. I believe him. The Carrico sisters' account of applying survival skills to stay dry, warm and freakout free is delightful too. Amanda's survival story is fresh off the wire without much detail but I hope she writes about it some day. I imagine it's going to be a good one.

Although I hope none of them are beleaguered by the media in years ahead and left alone to enjoy their lives at their own pace and pattern, I admit being eager to hear how they all progress into the future. Their tenacity is as inspiring as it is intriguing and I suspect they will all carry on to accomplish amazing things.

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