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Sunny Side

It's not too difficult to stay on the sunny side. There are plenty of good things happening in the world despite its steady, inexorable shift toward the dark side as this pandemic drags on.

Can't claim to always staying on the sunny side myself, though, as more than enough preventable bad stuff keeps happening in the world–even with plenty of historical information indicating we've been down these dark roads before and should know better by now. Hopes that social media would interconnect us all in ways which would help us more readily recall and learn from our mistakes seem to have been nothing more than wishful thinking. Too much black-hearted hate driving too many people these days. Or has nothing really changed at all? Regardless, the fact that such bad stuff can't be ignored can darken my thoughts if I allow it to. The best therapy for these episodes are simple joys like staring at a big, bright sunflower until it feels like my heart is going to burst from the sunshine it reflects.

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