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Store-bought? Ha!

A delightful side effect of living in a remote wilderness location has been severing myself from so-called "conveniences" available in cities. By limiting my time in cities to buying provisions which will last months, I reduce all sorts of risks, time and money going out to buy this or that upon a whim, leaving lots more time to enjoy the beauty of this home in the wild.

With the nearest doughnut shop over sixty miles away (roundtrip) and nearest store for the top brand that starts with a K K almost 200 miles away (roundtrip), cravings for all sorts of foods–like still-warm glazed doughnuts–are easily satisfied without stepping out the front door of the house. And since I rarely want more than one or two fresh doughnuts at a time just a couple of times each week, it makes more sense to simply make them myself for a few cents each rather than spend a buck per doughnut (not including cost of gasoline and vehicle wear and tear). It's not only a lot less expensive to make them at home, it's a lot more fun and something about making them myself imparts additional flavor no store-bought doughnuts will ever have.

I just make a batch of yeast dough once a week which yields a nice loaf of fresh bread and enough left over to keep in the refrigerator for making a doughnut or two–or hot rolls, or fresh, crispy crust for a pizza or calzone–when desired.

Grab a ball of dough from the frig, roll it out thin (about 1/4"), let it rise (keeping the doughnut hole too)...

...fry it up, glaze it and there you go. A nice cup of affordable, home-brewed coffee (also costing mere pennies) and breakfast can't be better. Hell, even if I lived in some toxic, noisy city full of rats racing here and there where I could pop out to drive to the local doughnut and coffee shops, it would cost so much less to make my own of both at the house. So much more convenient and delicious.

Another favorable side effect: I know much more about what I'm eating. No worries about nasty ingredients such as hepatitis or fecal matter imparted in the doughnut from un-washed hands of careless store personnel who may also be packing the latest variety of flu virus to share with customers at every sniffle, cough, wheeze and sneeze in the store.

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