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Spotlighted & Gloriously Naked

~ Surprise spotlighted and gloriously naked

~There is no way to fake it

~ Brilliant bare skin and fine limbs exposed

~Though brief as a child's gasp of breath

~ An excellent burlesque show! ~

Sitting here at the computer doing this and that and the other, I keep a corner of an eye on the windows just in case something starts happening outside that I want to go out to watch. This evening at sunset, the sky overcast again as normal spring weather patterns bring showers late in the day and into the night, a shaft of sunlight pierced the cloud cover and shot across the meadow. Leaping to my feet and grabbing the camera, I got lucky this time. The spotlight was striking the aspen grove, revealing it in all of its glorious white nakedness.

As the spotlight shifted right I followed, snapping shots as fast as my crappy Kodak EasyShare could cycle them into memory. At its peak, light bouncing off of the aspen almost hurt the eye and I cursed the camera for being such a slow little bugger, swearing to shop for a modern replacement sooner than later. The aspen seemed to be telegraphing intent to emerge from winter mode at last, ready to bud out and let their brilliant green soak up light.

Then the spotlight began to fade . . .

Cursing, I shook the camera to make electrons move more nimbly, but it was too late.

The light was gone.

I notice one of the trees at left has cracked during the blizzard and is leaning against others.

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