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Spontaneous Spine Chills

Updated: May 5, 2020

In spring 1963 I was exposed for the first time to bluegrass music by way of an episode of The Andy Griffith Show titled The Darlings Are Coming. Blew my mind–both the happy, impromptu music happening anywhere and the quirky little story. I had been learning to play guitar (six string and four string) for about a year and had more recently tinkered around with mandolin when my father brought one home, but when the Dillards (portrayed as the Darling Brothers) began playing their first tune on that episode chills coursed up and down my spine and I began having vivid dreams of being able to play as skillfully as they could.

Almost half a decade later I was thrilled again when an accomplished fiddler which had recorded with the Dillards showed up unannounced during a documentary shoot at Harley & Annabelle's Sandhills Curiosity Shop. Byron Berline and his band (Greg, Jim, John, Richard, and Steve) blew my mind and sent chills up and down my spine again as they entertained Harley and Annabelle with a few tunes and generously allowed us to video the whole thing.

Spontaneous experiences such as this have enhanced life beyond description and it's good to know Byron and his band are still performing at his Double Stop Fiddle Shop in Guthrie, Oklahoma and other venues.

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