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At Lloyd Noble Center

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

In my younger days just after graduating from high school, I made treks from the dusty red prairies and breaks of southwestern Oklahoma eastward just over one hundred thirty five miles one way to the OU campus in Norman to see a lot of shows at The Lloyd Noble Center. It had just opened and was an amazing sight to see and a great place to see performances by artists like Arlo Guthrie, Electric Light Orchestra, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Jefferson Starship, Black Oak Arkansas, and Bad Company.

I had intended to see a lot more shows there but finally decided it was time to move to Texas and get serious about earning a college degree in some interesting field of study in which I would enjoy making a living. So I stopped going to rock concerts altogether for a long time while learning to play classical guitar attending music school at NTSU in Denton, boning up on math and science in engineering school at UTA in Arlington, and finally learning to program computers and do advanced mathematics at MSU in Wichita Falls.

I didn't go to another rock concert until a few months after finally graduating from college when my middle brother and I went to see Pink Floyd perform at Texas Stadium in Irving. These days I will only go to concerts at venues which demand seated viewing. Large venues where audiences insist on standing and making more noise than the performers are a complete turnoff and waste of time.

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