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Snowed In & Geese

Another couple of days of snow is in the forecast, including the remainder of today. A pause in the storm allowed time to sweep off the solar panels, providing a chance to snap photos.

After sweeping away a foot of snow from all the panels, the sound of geese flying overhead caught my attention. Doubtful I would be able to spot them with these aging eyes, I began searching the sky for them anyway and somehow managed to spot them flying west. West?

Wondering why they were heading west, I snapped a photo figuring the camera would not do much better seeing them than I did, but it did record faint hint of their characteristic flight formation. Back inside I checked references for Canada goose migration patterns and saw that this place is just barely located within their year-round range. So they must be going to one of the lakes in the desert on the west side of the mountains to float and relax for a while.

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