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Skillet-fried Spaghetti

I love leftover spaghetti after frying it up in a skillet. One of my favorite comfort foods, and so easy to prepare from leftover pasta and sauce.

After cooking up a fresh new pot of steaming tomato sauce infused with flavors of browned Italian sausage, onion, oregano, sweet basil, a touch of garlic and plenty of mushrooms, I'll eat a plate or two of it served in the normal fashion over my favorite kind of pasta–angel hair–molto al dente.

This dish is enjoyable and I always look forward to chowing down on it, especially on a cold winter day. But after a couple of servings this way, I begin craving it after it has been fried in a nicely seasoned iron skillet.

A little olive oil drizzled on the surface of the skillet begins the preparation process. Once the oil is nice and hot, throw in the leftover angel hair and let it sizzle a bit, salting to taste.

With the pasta singed, the leftover sauce is poured on top of that and some ketchup is dropped in scattered spots over the sauce. The ketchup is an essential ingredient at this stage. The heat has never been removed from the skillet.

A little stirring and flipping with a spatula until it is all thoroughly heated and browned further as desired, the heat is then removed and it's all allowed to fry a bit more as the skillet cools.

Into a bowl with a dusting of parmesan cheese and it's ready to eat!

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