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Shortage & Survival

The local bear is struggling to find enough food before hibernation time. Wild fruit and nut production this year has been extremely poor, driving the bear to pulling down branches of oaks in search of acorns not there. Moths and rodents have been plentiful, though, so maybe they will ensure survival through winter. I hope so.

In the meantime humanity is failing to contain a pandemic testing its survival skills as winter approaches. The bears don't care about that. I'm not sure I do either. Our failure is a statement of our generally self-serving nature. The bear's minor destruction of tree limbs is a natural pruning process which will lead to enhanced growth in the damaged oaks. Our greedy habits are leading us nowhere good and the planet is responding accordingly to the damage we do. Ecosystems we have been ruthlessly exploiting are naturally revolting in turn.

Overconsumption is our credo, and it will very likely drive us into well-deserved extinction.

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