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Retirement Year One

It's been an excellent first year in retirement, even better than I had expected. At this time last year the weather had just turned from too dry to pleasantly moist and green as monsoon season rains began–as is happening again now. It's nice standing in final rays of sunshine at the end of the day watching storm clouds roll eastward after releasing their load of rain here.

The air smells wonderful and plants are happily greening up, providing plenty of forage for hungry grazing wildlife. In the forest, all is quiet and clean as trees slowly shed moisture not absorbed by leaf and needle for roots to soak up slow and silent. The only road here empty.

The majority of days since retiring one year ago have been like this. Perfect weather per season, the road rarely traveled by any motorized vehicles and none lingering long within earshot, all home studio plant systems have run smoothly and reliably, and expansion work on the solar power system has been completed without a hitch, providing more power than ever for daily home use and nothing else except hobby projects. Cataract surgery in my right eye has restored clear vision with no ill effect. A year better than I could have ever hoped for.

Now, as soon as weather allows, firewood gathering work can be wrapped up in a few more days and the remainder of the year can be devoted to leisurely tinkering on music composition, digital painting and writing projects; hiking, photography, cooking, eating, sleeping and dreaming whenever and wherever desired. Plenty of summertime left to enjoy.

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