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Remote Ring Theory

This week started with a decent first spring snow of about one foot of fine powder followed by three calm days of sunshine for a slow, ground-soaking melt. The snow fell quietly during the night providing a pleasant surprise at dawn and precious moisture to halt mounting wildfire risk as persistent winds earlier in the week dried the surrounding wilderness to tinder.

Last year there was one cyclone blizzard and four good spring snows before warm weather settled in for the season. This year another kind of storm is raging. A silent storm from this high, wilderness perspective, but a killer storm taking lives downslope in quick, brutal fashion. Infections running rampant. People willfully refusing to stay home as advised to allow front-line healthcare providers a decent chance to win the battle–completely ignorant of Ring Theory, arrogantly pushing danger inward toward the center rather than helpful energy and action.

Life here goes on as it usually does in peaceful isolation from churning turmoil of civilization, even more peacefully than normal. Skies are less traveled by growling jetliners as planes stay grounded. I haven't seen a contrail for months now. Ground-based travel has declined too. They say the earth is trembling less as a result of that and I can almost feel it here. Sprigs of green and dandelion blossoms appeared this week signaling start of a new season of rapid, burgeoning growth and reproduction. Ring Theory naturally applied by nature, pushing positive energy and action inward toward the center. For my part I'll practice it from here by dutifully observing the governor's stay at home order, currently extended to the end of April.

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