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Red Skies & Flags

With so much wildfire smoke in the air these days there are lots of red skies at morning to enjoy and contemplate without having to worry about impending stormy conditions. Quite a difference from red flag signs the nation–indeed the entire world (aside from America Samoa which is still 100% coronavirus free as of the date of this post)–is raising now on a daily basis.

Two weeks remaining until presidential election day. The orange-coated creep pretending to lead the nation is pulling out all stops, from the usual constant stream of outright deceit and banal bashing of his advisors even as he attempts to use their words out of context to advantage in his own cheesy campaign ads to ignoring their expert guidance regarding social-distancing and mask-wearing practices to minimize actions worsening the pandemic.

So even though red skies gracing mornings here these days are benign, I am paying very close attention to warning signs steadily mounting elsewhere. The danger they signal is all too real, setting my mind to spinning up ideas on how to weather their storminess. And there are plenty of good ideas, all based on leveraging real resources rather than the stark fakery so precariously propping up the orange-coated creep and his kind. My goal is long term survival, but if it just keeps me alive long enough to witness downfall of some fakers in the world then that will be enough reward–ideally, if the orange-coated creep is dragged out of the White House kicking and cursing from within a restraint bag à la The Fifth Element.

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