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Planning Place

Sometimes a place can enhance ability to find and clearly see a new direction to take in life's convoluted, unpredictable journey. Nothing magical or metaphysical, just attitude shifting. I've never intentionally gone on a "vision quest" and have never had any "visions" of clarity to speak of, but thought patterns have definitely shifted while trekking about without plan or purpose, experiencing sensations unexpected and delightful beyond the wildest of dreams.

Found this small oasis by chance in Utah slick rock country during summer vacation almost two and a half decades ago. Camping several days in shade of the cottonwoods without seeing anyone else while there, soft silence of the place accented by nothing more than trickle of water and tremble of leaves allowed a plan to move west already taking shape gel a bit more.

I had acquired plenty of new technical skills to find work just about anywhere I wanted to go and had demonstrated ability to learn new concepts and skills then apply them well enough to tasks of value. A move to east or west coast could lead to six-figure salaries but at the cost of serenity by requirement to live in high-density communities encased in toxicity. A move north or south could lead to less income and only slightly less population density and toxicity levels.

West seemed the best direction to take, but not too far west. Somewhere along the front range of the Rockies. A couple of years later I put the plan into action at last.

That plan of action turned out to be just fine while the nation has been chugging along relatively well ever since. I was even able to weather the Great Recession without loss of health or assets. Now as this nation votes for its "leader" for the next four years, the outcome of the election really won't have much–if any–impact here. The pandemic won't either unless its unstoppable spread breaks down supply chains for goods I still purchase and depend on for survival. Even then, chances for survival here without them are better than most anywhere else considering the vast natural resources available within walking distance.

I've never been back to the little oasis in slick rock country. Never really intended to return, but I'm glad I ran across it and stayed a while to let my plans brew and solidify while there.

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