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Periwinkle, Columbine & Wild Hops

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Found all three growing in the same wildflower patch down by the creek last summer near the end of August.

I've never enjoyed beer much, especially the crap canned and sold in massive quantities by the big beer makers. I used to enjoy a large beer served in a frozen mug with hushpuppies at Bill Martin's Seafood restaurant in the 1970s before chowing down on raw oysters and one superb seafood dish or another.

Maybe I'll try brewing my own using wild hops growing along the creek here. Brewing beer myself might make it more enjoyable. Maybe a wild hops and chokecherry beer. I've also started considering making my own chokecherry wine.

If I do manage to create good drinks from local wild flowers and berries, I think I'll throw a party for family and have a load of fresh seafood flown in from the coast for a brewfest and seafeast. Maybe even hire a band for the event...I wonder how expensive a private concert by Robert Earl Keen and his band is.

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