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Organic Lightshow

This is where I first saw oceananic bioluminescence in action. After dark I decided to wander alone over to this cove before going to bed. As I approached the edge of the water I noticed it was pulsing with light as each gentle wave rolled in. Like any kid would do, I squatted and began touching the water and marveled at how rings of light appeared around each fingertip penetrating the surface and then vanished when withdrawn. I was still wearing water shoes which had just dried out after a full day of kayaking and strolled in the water along the shoreline, giggling as each step stirred up a delightful, organically-generated light show–the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Nothing humankind manages to create can ever approach the incredible beauty of natural phenomenon like this. So I've stopped wasting valuable time going out to see stuff made by humans. There are just too many much more amazing things made by nature to see before my days of life end.

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