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National Guano Mining

When I first spotted this I thought it was a piece of antique oilfield equipment. I don't recall how I found out, but I was informed years later that it was a portable mining rig used to transport guano from nearby bat caves to wagons ready to haul it to farmlands needing fertilizer–a lucrative business back in the day.

I wondered what the name of the guano mining company that owned and operated the rig might have been. Acme Guano? National Guano Mining Company? Who knows, but it's fun to ponder the past history of the thing, and the sort of people using it. I like to think they were rough, hard-working, honorable people of engaging character.

Now a new sort of guano mining is underway in Washington D.C. where congress is digging through the heaps of shit our un-engaging leader has haphazardly slung about while pretending to do the civil service job he was elected to do, apparently conniving to make international political arrangements at the expense of taxpayers for personal benefit instead.

History unfolding around people of questionable honor and character.

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