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Mys & Tery

All month long while out gathering firewood after rain had fallen, I've been seeing large canine tracks in the mud alongside what appeared to be small but strange deer tracks. Today, I found out who they belong to when they followed me down off of the mountainside to the house.

The dog is wearing no collar but seems to be well fed. She appears to be a Great Pyrenees and I'm calling her Mys. The goat is male so he's being called Tery.

Mys & Tery . . . Get it? Because where they came from is a m y s t e r y.

They seemed happy to meet me and spent a little while checking out my digs.

Mys is lovable and wanted lots of hands-on attention right away.

Tery is still skittish but curious. Keeping a steadily decreasing distance from me.

I had been working hard all day but still needed to gather one more load of oak before taking a long hot soak in the tub and fixing some supper. So after petting Mys and talking baby talk to them both, I went back up the jeep track to the cutting site. It seems they are inseparable. They both followed me back up the mountainside and hung around while I cut and loaded wood into the pickup truck, as though we had been doing it together for ages.

After unloading the wood and stacking it, I fed and watered Mys (Tery seemed happy to graze around for his food) and went inside. Glancing out the kitchen window before sitting down to eat supper, it appeared they have decided to stay over for a while.

I'm almost 3/4ths done with wood gathering for the year. Another couple of loads tomorrow should wrap it up.

I wonder if I'm going to have company this winter.

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