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Mental Balm

Dozing in the lower aspen grove on lazy mornings or afternoons (or both) is one of my favorite things to do. Sounds of gurgling stream and aspen leaves quaking in the slightest breeze are more therapeutic than any sleeping aid humankind has ever come up with–a non-toxic completely soothing mental balm. Sometimes I wake to find wildlife browsing nearby.

I used to visit greenspaces while living and working in cities, seeking relief there, but it was impossible to find any. I was always worried some nutcase would find me napping in the shade and decide to pull some nutcase crap to interrupt, or worse. And the noise and stench of the cities surrounding those greenspaces was ever-present. Only in wilderness spots have I been able to thoroughly relax enough to appreciate and totally enjoy experiences like this.

And rolling rumble of afternoon monsoon rain clouds is a pleasant alarm clock to wake to.

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