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Mech Man

Over the decades I've used a lot of mechanization to achieve goals, many of my own and many which were goals of employers. For my own goals I've always used the best mech I could buy. For employers I was forced to use whatever they had on hand. Sometimes what they had on hand was older motorized mech, but I never had to use any horse drawn mech.

It's not too difficult to imagine how old mech like this horse drawn farm implement could break down, be difficult to repair and a hazard to use. Aside from horses kicking or bolting unpredictably, these old mechanical implements they pulled along could break bones or even amputate appendages of anyone failing to maintain full attention to their safe operation. A lot of the motorized mech I've used could kill and maim too, but I somehow managed to come away from such work uninjured in every job I was required to operate it.

Now all the mech I use is safe and poses little if any risk of injury, the most dangerous being my automobile and a small farm tractor–a Mech Man still alive with all appendages intact.

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