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There are things no photographs, words or recordings of any kind can capture of moments in time and space. Checking progress of wild blooming plants along the banks of the stream this morning as sun warmed a new day, the sight of it, and sounds and scents of the morning are shifting as each second passes. A vast, cloudless turquoise sky promises plenty of sunshine for silent photo-voltaic conversion into electricity to power all of my gear. A light breeze wafts puffs of warmth into the early morning chill. I can actually feel them enough to almost see them. Aromas of surrounding green growth are thick and intensely intoxicating.

With no aircraft rudely growling through the sky this morning, the only sounds reaching ears are the gurgle of water flowing down the stream, wildlife calling and moving, and rustling green plants swaying in fitful, light breeze. As hard as city architects/builders/maintainers try, this kind of experience can never be reproduced in any cityscape no matter how expansive the embedded green space. Too much toxicity invades and pervades, dispelling that illusion.

So I take lots of photos and videos and think about recording sounds to use in musical tracks to do my best to save some small part of these priceless experiences, knowing they can never equate. The best I can do is stay alive and healthy enough to get outside to soak it up.

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