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Good Ol' Gulf Shrimp

After saucing up on a stiff G & T, my appetite leaps and nothing else will do but a bit of seafood. Mom packed some Gulf shrimp into the care package she always puts together for me when I'm returning home after a visit with them and when I cleaned and butterflied them today, I was reminded of just how distinctive a Gulf shrimp is. They practically glow with Gulf.

In raw form, they are unlike any of the imported shrimp I've been eating are. The shell is more substantial and many times already red on top before cooking. And their legs are dark–almost black.

Then after cooking them the way I like to in a dry tempura coating with a dash of cajun seasoning of my own invention and served with both tempura dipping sauce and cocktail sauce to satisfy both edges of my cravings, the experience is unmatchable in taste and texture.

Of course, another G & T is called for with this dish.

I want to thank my middle brother too for making this feast possible by keeping Mom supplied with more fresh seafood than she can eat. Someday I'll repay you both for your generosity by throwing a kick-ass seafood feast and private concert party (if I can convince Robert Earl Keen to do it).

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