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Flying With Bruised Ribs

After stupidly slipping on an icy surface (the yellow door) last week and throughly bruising a few ribs upon making contact with that unyielding steel surface, I've been restricting upper body movements as much as possible. The only thing I do to voluntarily trigger pain from the injury are frequent breathing exercises the doctor recommended to minimize chance of developing pneumonia as a result of doing too much shallow breathing. So I'm sitting a lot or laid out in bed sleeping a lot while the bruises slowly heal. When I'm sitting, I'm only able to move my hands minimally without causing any pain. So I've been playing a lot of computer games to while away the time as my ribs slowly recover from the accidental abuse.

My favorite is still World of Warcraft mainly because it provides an enormous amount of new stuff to seek out and enjoy without quickly growing bored to death. It was good timing too, this injury, since I had not yet upgraded to Battle for Azeroth and Blizzard was offering it at a deep discount. A few clicks and a lot of download minutes later I was exploring the new game content and rapidly working through the first phase of the Pathfinder achievement required to gain flying capability in the new zones (ground travel does get tedious).

It's going well with phase one of the Pathfinder achievement completed and now working on phase two wrapping up friendly rep gain with The Unshackled and Rustbolt Resistance factions today. My ribs are feeling better by the hour and maybe before the end of the month my WoW toons will be flying over the new zones instead of running wildly through hotspots of elite NPCs. The only way to fly with bruised ribs.

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