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Fluidity Now!

The moment I walked into a public schoolroom and the teachers began doing their despicable job attempting to whip me into a good little conformist, fluidity of life was completely shut off until I escaped during weekends and holidays to resume living as I knew I should always be able to. That first day in public school during first recess I didn't join the other kids playing on jungle gyms and swing sets and slides. Instead I found a perfect hiding spot in a cavity inside a neatly square-cornered hedge growing up against the square-cornered school building and sat down in that organically-shaped cavity to wait for recess to end so I could run the hell away from that damnable prison existence called school back to enjoy life as it always should be.

Of course I was promptly dragged back into daytime prison and learned to pretend to conform just enough to satisfy teachers and my parents each year that I was learning to be what everyone expected me to be and to behave as everyone expected me to behave, but I never really became that sorry excuse for a life form they so arrogantly expected I would become. And as time to graduate from the K-12 system of crappy compulsory conformity approached I jumped the gun and ran away into the mountains to try to experience real life as a free-ranging soon-to-be adult could for a while before returning to wrap up the big act of graduation as a good conformist finally hammered into what they all wanted me to be.

Spending a couple of years employed in common labor jobs convinced me I needed to do some more pretending to conform to the artificial system of educations, career, family building, etc. before I could totally escape the bullshit of living in conformity and I eventually graduated with a science and math degree in a field of study which was actually interesting. Feeling free again I launched into my career and soon found employers also expected me to conform just like the freaking public school teachers did. So I would work at a company until a fine-weather day struck me as the perfect day to twist off, hand in my resignation and practically skip away giggling from the office building tremendously lighter of heart and once again feeling the natural fluidity of life. This went on for a couple of decades and a handful of corporations with a few more twist-off days being the finest days of my professional career experience.

Then it finally dawned on me that I could enjoy greater fluidity in life working as a self-employed professional and took that great leap at last. A little more than a decade of that and I was ready to stop working for others altogether and spend one hundred percent of my time working in complete fluidity on projects of interest which will set me up nicely for my oldster years (seventy and beyond) through to the day of my demise in however many years or decades into the future that day may be.

So far so good. Second anniversary of retirement is arriving soon. Projects progress is better than expected across the board. This morning is a grand one with oak trees between house and meadow below finally leafing out a bit as shafts of golden morning sunlight grace still-golden traces of fading winter-tinged plant life.

Fluidity Now!

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