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First Rise

Perfect first rise of the weekly batch of bread dough stirs interesting pleasant sensations from eager desire to plunge hands in and knead away to growing appetite as its delicious aroma wafts upward. What to make first with it? Half goes into the refrigerator for later use.

The other half for something special on this fine autumn morning...a batch of cinnamon rolls!

I used to watch my mother kick into high gear baking mode when autumn arrived, marveling at her industriousness and savoring end products. My efforts come nowhere near perfection of her baked creations, but now I think I understand how the change of season sparked an irresistible urge to bake.

Fragrances seeping from the oven drift throughout the house on lazy air currents. tickling appetite into a frenzy. It takes great force of will to avoid getting a burn taking the finished product out and waiting long enough for it to cool before chowing down with wild abandon.

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