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Final Phase

Having worked as an employee in twenty five different jobs from my first as teenage farmhand before finally starting my own company at age fifty, and having lived in thirty two different cities from the day I was born before finally landing here in wilderness, I managed to learn a lot of useful stuff and met and worked with a lot of different people while seeing and experiencing a wide range of interesting things. And having survived it all into retirement without serious damage to body or psyche, memories of it all completely satisfy any desire to move around more or to take on any new job in the frantically busy world ever again. It feels good to settle here permanently and spend my days aimlessly roaming within surrounding wilderness–in excess of one and a half million acres–soaking in natural flux and flow of time and life until the day I die.

My greatest desire now is simply to live healthily several more decades enjoying this tranquil phase of life in solitude almost as long as time spent elsewhere in the "civilized" world among so many people and all the racket they made. This phase of life probably won't last as many years as I've lived so far, but it could possibly continue for four or five more decades. A delightful future to savor as it unfolds before me, no matter how long it stretches out.

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