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Essential Tools

I've used a lot of tools since about age six when I swung a hammer to drive my first nail helping my brothers build our first treehouse. Since then I've utilized everything from welding machines to Theremins as tools of trades and hobbies. These days a specific set of tools–aside from a lot of musical instruments–includes pretty much what can fit on a card table. A computer with lots of RAM and SSD storage, ultra-wide display, a decent double-interface mic, a tablet with smart pen and keyboard, the trusty HP16C computer science calculator used in college (damn near a retrorelic), a bluetooth headset, noise canceling earbuds, a cell phone, a digital camera. a can of curiously strong mints, eyeglasses cleaner, and a paper tray containing sundry loose items like nail clipper and sapphire file, 600-A sandpaper (for obtaining a glassy edge on the string-plucking fingernails), an exacto knife, ...

An ultra-essential tool is the backscratcher. Without it, I would never get anything else done.

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