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Dream Opener

As a teen roaming mesas rims and canyons of The Breaks in the southwestern corner of Oklahoma, I dreamed of–and fully expected to be–flying my own personal VTOL aircraft by the time I reached mid to late adulthood. Protracted daydreams envisioned launching from an underground aircar garage situated on a mesa rim and rocketing swiftly to destinations of serious work and playful entertainment. But as I tracked personal VTOL aircraft development over the decades since the dreams began, I resigned myself to a life of ground-bound personal travel conveyances and stopped dreaming of my mesa rim lair and aircar garage.

Then a company called Opener began spreading news of their personal air vehicle and I've renewed the dreams of flying my own VTOL craft over the property I've settled on here now. And I've set a goal to be ready to purchase a Blackfly no later than my seventieth birthday. If Opener delivers their product as I suspect they are fully capable of doing–having recently hired a formidable brain from Scaled Composites–my dream will come true before I expire. In the meantime, I can design and build a nice little hangar with PV array roof to park it in.

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