Door (Seam) Mice

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I have absolutely no idea how these two house mice ended up in this predicament. The one on the left seems to be dead. The one on the right obviously isn't. A local mouse population explosion is underway here this summer even though it has been excessively dry so far. It rained a little yesterday afternoon, thankfully, as today is Independence Day and I suspect there will be plenty of humans downslope today and tonight foolishly shooting fireworks into the sky even though surrounding forests are tinder dry. I hope no one ends up surrounded by burning forest as a result, trapped by their actions much like these two mice have been.

I wonder if the local weasel or maybe a crow put them here for safe keeping to satisfy cravings for aged hanging mouse meat. What a cool story that would be if I could capture it on camera.

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