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Damage Done

Education is what others do to you and learning is what you do for yourself. ~ Joi Ito

Of all life experiences, time spent in public school systems were by far most damaging of all. A bad system employing people doing bad things to children.

Many of those people were bad too. Very bad. And the main things I learned while attending public schools were ways to do things badly. How to learn badly. How to feel badly about myself and others. How to treat myself and others badly. I came out of that shitty system angry, frustrated and actually wanting to be bad. On day one of first grade it was obvious to me that public schools were bad bad bad and I ran away from school during my very first recess break. Unfortunately, I had no powers of persuasion and was forced back into the system for twelve long, bad years where irreparable damage was done.

Someday compulsory public schooling will be outlawed and people will wonder at the resources wasted, the tortured children, the wasted potential of minds scarred for life, and they will weep.

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