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Achingly Perfect Evening

Most evenings here are superb regardless of season or weather condition, but some days wrap with such subtle, peaceful beauty it's damn near unbearable when night falls. I used to get that feeling as a kid on spring evenings when a school year was ending in just a few days and we would all be outside playing at dusk. Singing cicadas slowly ceased their insistent buzzing. Swifts careened in deepening cobalt sky seeking high-flying insects. Then the light would soon go and playtime was over when Mom called us into the house. Sheer perfection.

This evening's perfection arrived with a herd of young elk grazing at the edges of forest and into the meadow as last bits of daylight turned westerly cloud bellies pink and dark gray. They hopped gingerly over the newly built fence line, a gratifying sight. I don't want free-range cattle in here but all wildlife are totally welcome to come and go as they please.

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