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A Decade Of Visitors

I don't do anything with this website to try to earn money, having never cared about that since becoming aware of what money is all about decades ago. So I don't use visitor data to gather information useful for any kind of marketing purposes. I do enjoy seeing where in the world someone has stumbled across it and spent even a few seconds viewing some content.

Over a decade now, viewers from around the planet have dropped in for visits both brief and prolonged. I have no idea what site content they viewed or why they might have viewed it and don't care about that either. Without doing any active advertising beyond what search engines automatically glean from the website's metadata and content worthy of indexing, it's surprising there are as many visitors as there have been, from so many far-flung places. I suspect I know some of the people in several locations, near and far, whom have dropped in.

So far, no site visitors from Antarctica. It would be very cool if someone from there ever does.

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