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Tune: Escape From The Hard Gray Edge
                       (by me)

I have original music and songs to offer. Still working on the shopping page for it. Not ready to make sales yet, but you can see it by clicking here if you want to. In the meantime, all the music is freely available for listening and download on the music page. Please respect the copyrights on these creations or I'll sic some ruthless lawyers on your ass.


WHAT~ One fine summer evening while driving home from a short vacation, it finally dawned on me how I was wasting my time, effort and talent. After two decades working for several toxic corporations and one dysfunctional government agency, I finally decided to pursue constructive work improving the world rather than lining pockets of narrow-minded bosses and greedy stockholders. So, more than a decade ago, I started my little creative services company, providing affordable, high quality solutions for clients also striving to improve the world through their own good works. This is where knowledge gained and creations produced during these most rewarding years of my professional career are shared. This website is a work in progress and will be until my demise. It will expand organically as its content is created and added. I hope visitors enjoy exploring it all as much as I am enjoying sharing it.


Every ounce of effort expended creating solutions as an employee brought no lasting satisfaction for me. I was paid well enough and even received some nice bonuses for my work, but no amount of money ever translated into enduring joy. Glee, yes. Getting a nice fat paycheck or bonus was definitely thrilling and very much appreciated compliments from employers. Invariably, though, the glee and thrill quickly dissipated, never to return. This was puzzling until it became clear the work I was doing wasn't changing the world in any positive way. It was simply feeding greed of profiteers or supporting deadbeat do-nothings leeching off of the high productivity of others–too damned toxic to engage in any longer. 


This site proposes nothing. It is not a list of instructions, guidelines or recommendations. No promises are made anywhere here. No definitive wisdom is presented, just expressed opinions. It is simply an account of how I approached life doing this and that on an aggressively self-directed, alternate journey to maximize my ability to bring positive change to the world and enjoy doing so. It's a frank, unapologetic declaration of reasons I consider this approach to be belligerently defensive warfare against society's brutally relentless and detrimental commercialization of life, supported by narration of personal actions and consequences of those actions. It is not a story of success so much as play-by-play rundown of failures which ultimately provided insight into mistakes made and recovery from each one. In retrospect, my mistakes have invariably been the most valuable experiences of the journey. Visitors can explore this site without any manipulating guidance or assault from nagging commercial advertisements.

Possibly, some will be pleasantly surprised and time spent here won't be a waste.


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I have original artwork to offer, but haven't started building the shopping page for it yet. Soon, maybe.


I live in a green home in a green way. Eventually I'll tell about it here in detail. In the meantime, I post some stuff about it on the blog.



Requiring only four hours of sleep per rotation of our planet, I usually dream vividly while sleeping and most dreams yield multiple ideas. Some of them are just strange while some are disturbing as hell, but a lot of the dreamed ideas are more brilliant than anything my waking mind ever manages to come up with. I forget some of them and remember some in an apparently random fashion. I don't write down dreamed ideas. I tried that a few times but it never seemed to help in any discernible way. So I just let them stick in my conscious mind naturally if they are apt to do so of their own accord rather than try to force-kindle them into longterm memory.

The other twenty hours of a single planetary rotation are spent dealing with the naturally remembered dream ideas, especially the ones I am completely powerless to ignore, and there are always plenty of those to ponder. This keeps my mind active the entire time I'm awake, never allowing boredom to occur in my life. This is not to say my mind is overwhelmed. On the contrary, all of the pondering is exciting and energizing. I love dreaming and love to develop ideas springing from the dreams.

This section is where dream ideas worked and in the works are shared.

Dream Ideas Portal

I've traveled a lot in the past and still travel some, though mostly by hoof or foot now here within my wilderness realm. Nothing significant to offer here yet, though I do post some about my travels on the blog.

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