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Winter Solstice Moon

Seeing the full moon again after having vision restored by modern medicine was a treat for both eyes and mind. Caught it appearing just above the east ridge when I went out to fetch an armload of firewood for the night, reflecting a beautiful shade of yellow through bare oaks. Went back inside to get the camera and took a shot of it, then just gazed at it with two clear eyes for the first time in more than a year, imagining I could feel the earth turning as it rose into an inky sky. I missed seeing it so well, in full stereo vision. Looking forward to seeing it many more times to come.

Shortest day now past, my own reflection on the year's events begin naturally cycling through multiple, never-ending thought streams, and it occurs to me just how satisfying these first six months of life in retirement have been–even with one eye totally clouded by an advanced cataract until last week. Only a couple of minor disappointments come to mind, barely worth speaking of in light of so many positives over the year.

If weather reports of an approaching storm system with potential to dump a lot of snow are accurate, then I may soon be thoroughly snowed in and physically isolated from mounting chaos of an ailing society deep in throes of a collective conniption fit against inevitable global change taking place far downslope. A perfect way to wrap up 2018.

Let it snow!

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