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Wild Hops & Bee Balm

Wild Hops blossoms have started appearing. This plant is fairly thick with them.

Found first patch of Bee Balm blossoms hiding in the oak grove just south of the house.

And Columbine continue producing more blossoms each day beneath the Sycamore tree.

It's been pretty hot this week, so I've been staying in the shade taking it easy while lizards have been enjoying the extended hours of sunshine.

A cold front will move into the area tonight and linger through most of the week. A good time to get into the forest to finish wood gathering.

This has been an odd summer as far as flowering plants and insects go. Usually by this time the entire meadow is covered in blooming plants and buzzing with plenty of insects. The meadow is mostly grass and insects have been in short supply.

But there's still time for turnaround of both. August usually brings a second wave of blooming across the meadow and insects may decide they better get busy after this little cold front moves on.

I know I better get busy and finish firewood gathering so I won't have to spend time next spring gathering extra if winter lingers the way it did this year.

I need to get active anyway. Putting on some extra weight I really don't need.

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